Gold/San Sū-kagetsu’s URPG Stats

Notable positions/achievements:
Most roles on Discord
Judged first Master Contest on Discord
Seven Permanent Legendaries (Arceus, Kyurem, Rayquaza, and Mew; Diancie, Urshifu, and Genesect)
Five Professions (Judge, Ref, Ranger, Curator, Grader)
Head Judge
Elite Ranger
Head Referee
ex-Lead Grader
URPG Staff Member
URPG 3 Teams Member (Game Design, Content Upkeep, Events)
Approver (until promoted to Staff)
Elite Four
Contest Boss Death Eater
Monsu Island Gym Leader
Street League: Kanto Pokemon Fan Club
Trovita Island Gym Leader (Until removal)
Battle Arena Brain
Legend Defender (As of 04/08/2018; 7 defends, last updated 5/14/2020)

This is my 4th stats page iteration, and probably the final. Thanks for visiting.