Park Character
Name: Algar Metharte
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Personality: A constant goofball. Loves to cuddle up to people and really show his affection. Constantly looking out for his friends and willing to step up if they need him, but therefore is marginally selective when making new friends. Lazy (the kind where it’s hard for him to get out of bed and such) but once moving is very energetic and ready to do anything. Extremely ADHD, but very nervous and attentive when in unfamiliar situations. Has a positive attitude and really looking forward to going into the Park!
Description: 6’7”, but a lanky frame. Lighter olive skin, and medium length whiteish/gray hair. Always wears jeans or sweatpants because they’re comfortable, and likes wearing jackets even in warmer-ish climes, but is prone to wear a jacket in hot weather and sweat a lot. Oops. Always looks antsy, and fidgets quite often, but is never in a particular rush to do anything or go anywhere. Glasses with orange frames, brown eyes, and white eyebrows. Some stubble on chin and lip but not enough to warrant a full shave. One ring on each finger- one on his left middle, and one on his right ring finger. Tennis shoes and a beanie cap round out his look, as well as a sheepish grin as he gets ready for a Park adventure.
Pokemon Captured: None.


Currently in Manor:
2x Park Ball
5x Super Balls
2x Hyper Balls
1x Lava Cookie
2x PokeDoll
2x Energy Powder
2x Energy Power +
Digital Camera
Apricorn Box
Honey x5

Currently in Mt. Deckbi:
Park Balls x5
Super Balls x3
Hyper Balls x2
Honey x20
Type Repellent x1
Lava Cookies x2
Energy Powders x3
Energy Powder+ x3
Revival Herb x2
Drilbur Voice Disc
Lycanroc-Midnight Bellow Disk

Currently in Gen 8 Event Run:
Park Balls x3
Super Balls x3
Hyper Balls x3
Lava Cookie
Energy Powder
Blank Voice Disc

Berry Store Repellent
Park Region Spray x1
Honey x1
Park Voucher for 5k

Park Run Log:

Individual Run:
Algar Metharte
Lightning Mikasa the Adamant Zeraora
Naminé the Quiet Gardevoir
Pressie the Naughty Murkrow
Yumeko the Quirky Bellossom
Ruined Manor
Caught: None yet!

Team Run 1:
Algar Metharte
Pressie the Naughty Murkrow
Willow the Jolly Ninetales-Alolan
Virgo the Hardy Starmie
Mt. Deckbi
Caught: None yet!

Galar Blitz Run:
Algar Metharte
Bean the Brave Hatterene
Omicron the Joly Genesect
Caught: None yet!



Ranger Bio: San Sū-kagetsu

Name: San Sū-kagetsu

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: San is a quiet, slightly sheepish boy who barely managed to make it through puberty but has no idea what to do with himself since. He wandered for three months after his graduation from the Pokemon Academy, content to search for something that called to him, until one fateful night. A meteor struck the ground near where San lay sleeping, and inside was an egg. The egg very rapidly hatched into the God Pokemon Arceus… or at least that’s what people on the outside.

To San, Arceus is his best friend named Gamma. San nurtured him, and once Gamma gained telepathy, San taught him everything he knew. Gamma quickly outgrew human knowledge, but remains steadfast and loyal to San; when asked why, he merely replies, “Because I want to.” He maintained this position when San accepted a position as a young Ranger in the Pokemon National Park, hoping for San to finally find a calling. Together, they guide new Trainers into the many areas of the Park, experiencing adventure after adventure.

Appearance/personality: San is 5’11”, with shallow facial features and blue-green eyes. He has a slightly rounder face, and slouches constantly, especially with Gamma around (no need to try to stand tall if you’ll always be dwarfed by a God). An unnaturally (hair gel every morning) crop of spiky golden hair amasses at the top of his head and slightly at the bottom of his chin, and he hears no end of it on both fronts from Gamma. San is very listless, and at any time would prefer being on Gamma’s back instead of doing work, but takes Rangering very seriously. Enjoys food and has a slight gut because of it.

San’s Pokémon and their Natures:
Out of Pokeball:


In Pokeballs:













Ranger Bio: Shoshanna Link

Name: Shoshanna Leorr

Age: Mid-Thirties, that’s all you need to know

Gender: Female

Description: Shoshanna is a self-fashioned ex-private eye turned Ranger. Years prior, she lost her husband in a car crash; the authorities called it an accident, but Shoshanna suspected foul play. Her own investigation led her to the National Park, and so naturally she signed up for a Run. Her first Ranger turned out to be the killer of her husband, which she forced out of him on their run into Mount Oktori (there may or may not have been some dangling of Rangers over a cliff). However, Shoshanna fell in love with the Park, and found herself drawn back to its abundance of nature and rigid administrative systems.

Having signed on as a Ranger, Shoshanna treats every run like a detective case; gathering clues, tracking, and logic are her main weapons. Her trusty Gengar Rhenlo remains ever in her shadow, making sure to keep the headstrong Shoshanna out of danger as she ushers people into the Park.

Appearance/Personality: Shoshanna is a bit over six feet tall, with short brown hair and piercing green eyes. She always has a pair of sunglasses, which she keeps in the breast pocket of the long black coat she also always brings with her. Underneath she has a long red skirt and a black shirt, and she has a long white scarf (which she will take off in the more humid or hot areas of the park, along with the coat). A set of black boots with small heels finishes out her attire, which never seem to slow her down, especially when she’s thinking about something. She also always carries a small brown briefcase, which holds her Pokeballs, Park manuals, and other journals with her personal musings on any given subject.

As a Ranger, Shoshanna is always serious, but tends to get lost in her own thoughts when something particularly interesting presents itself. She loves puzzles, and will go out of her way to inspect or examine anything she can get her hands on. She also carries a Pokedex for similar reasons, and uses taking people through the Park to fill it out. Rhenlo, her Gengar, constantly lurks in her shadow, and will tend to subtly guide her away from danger or out of the way of Trainers. Rhenlo can speak through a small red necklace on his chest, though he does so sparingly; Rhenlo is stoic for the most part, unless it comes to Shoshanna.

Joanna’s Pokémon and their Natures:
Out of Pokeball:


In Pokeballs: